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iMod -- Audiophile Sound Upgrade


This upgrade can be purchased one of two ways:

NEW iPod: Purchase this upgrade together with one of our large capacity iPods.

MAIL-IN: Mail in your existing iPod, and we will perform the upgrade for you. Contact us for this option.

Upgrade includes installation of two Elna Silmic II 47uF capacitors and iPod docking cable.

Choose the iMod for:

  • Increased resolution of fine detail
  • Better bass control and definition
  • A richer, more seductive midrange
  • Superior treble extension and sweetness
  • A larger more 3-dimensional soundstage

The iMod is an audio upgrade intended for only the most discerning audiophile. Audio signals are passed directly from the Wolfson Digital-Analog Converter (DAC) chip to the iPod dock, resulting in a clean, stereophonically accurate listening experience.

We remove the lossy capacitors on the motherboard and install Elna Silmic II capacitors specifically designed for high-def audio applications. All connections are made using 99.9% oxygen free silver wiring.


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