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Capacitors: Elna Silmic II, rated 47uF, 6.3V
Wiring: 99.9% Oxygen-Free Silver 30AWG
Solder: Rosin Core
Compatibility: All MappleSyrup iPods

What is the iMod?

The iMod is an audio upgrade intended for only the most discerning audiophile. Audio signals are passed directly from the Wolfson Digital-Analog Converter (DAC) chip to the iPod dock, resulting in a clean, stereophonically accurate listening experience.


We remove the lossy capacitors on the motherboard and install Elna Silmic II capacitors specifically designed for high-def audio applications. All connections are made using 99.9% oxygen free silver wiring.

See possible setups above. The iMod includes capacitor replacement and a line out cable.


Choose the iMod option for:

  • Increased resolution of fine detail
  • Better bass control and definition
  • A richer, more seductive midrange
  • Superior treble extension and sweetness
  • A larger more 3-dimensional soundstage


Please note:

  • iMod audio is available through the bottom iPod docking port ONLY. A docking cable is included.
  • Headphone jack output is unchanged.
  • Battery life is unchanged.
  • This is exclusively for the iPod Video (5th and 5.5th Generation iPods).


More questions? Check out over 65000 forum posts and 200 pages of documentation at Head-Fi.org.

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